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Wood pellets

  • Wood pellets - for house heating
Pellet fuels are heating fuels made from compressed biomass. Wood pellets are the most common type.

A form of wood fuel wood pellets are generally made from compacted sawdust or other wastes from
sawmilling and other wood products manufacture.

  • Chemical - Physical parameters

Diameter 6 mm or 8 mm
Lenght 5 mm -35 mm
Relative humidity < 5 %
Calore 4.7 MWh/t
Density  1,20 g/cm3
Ash < 0,5 %
Sulfur < 0.01 %
< 0.01 %

Since no additives are used in the production process, the pellets are ecologically friendly

  • Packed in:

- 15 kg (packed in a polyethylen bag, 65-67 bags on a pallete)
- 500 kg (packed in a big bag)
- 1000 kg (packed in a big bag)

Logistic service from our warehouse till the point of destination chosen by you

  • High energetic value
  • Efficient energy use
  • Ecologically and environmentaly friendly
  • Save your time and human resources
  • No additives

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